Kume is a small and fairly underdeveloped island off the main coast of Japan. Don’t let its’ size and stature fool you; the island is one of Japan’s most notable hidden gems. Kume is known for its’ white sandy beaches, crisp baby blue water, and clear open skies. Life is simple on Kume Island… Can you feel it?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to fly clear across the world to experience life on Kume Island; come relax, unwind and release at Kume, The Foot Spa & Tea Bar. Kume offers a replenishing atmosphere for not only your body, but your mind as well.

Looking for an out of body experience? We emphasize the small details of the spa to mimic the experience you’d get on Kume Island. The lighting and music set a soothing tone to the spa. Upon arrival, you are instantly rid free of any worries or stresses that may be troubling you. With the soft touch of running water in the background, and the refreshing smell of oils blended from tea, flowers, and herbs, you are reminded of the feeling of inner peace and happiness.

Kume offers a delicious variety of tea to cleanse your pallet and detoxify your body. Paired with a great massage from one of our highly skilled therapists, your experience at Kume will be one you’ll desire again in the future.

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So many of us can’t find the time to relax for a little bit. It’s only when we allow ourselves to rest that our bodies and minds are able to recover from the daily abuses they are exposed to. Finding the time to rest helps us become more productive during our personal and professional lives.

Are you ready for a personal escape? We would love the opportunity to help you reach and maintain a state of relaxation. Come get a personalized treatment at Kume, The Foot Spa & Tea Bar.

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